The Unit 1 London Gallery

The Challenge

The Unit One Gallery London approached EDG3 with the key focus to increase customer engagement with a digital experience for an upcoming showcase for South African artist, Ryan Hewett. Ryan is well known for abstracted portraits of historical figures, each having left their mark on the world in some significant way. Subjects range from Albert Einstein, Margaret Thatcher, Barack Obama to the Dalai Lama and Jesus, to name a few.

The Solution:

The team at EDG3 worked closely with the London based gallery to transform each painting into an Augmented Reality trigger, each trigger then leads to video components related to each painting. When the Ryan Hewett app is downloaded onto Apple or Android tablets or phones, aimed at a painting or catalogue image, and scanned, a pop-up video appears and hovers over the artwork image.The great thing about the AR programming is that a background scene can still be viewed through the mobile device while the video plays. By moving the mobile device closer to the painting or image of it, the video content zooms in as well, which is a fantastic attribute. AR technology allows for 3D sculpted pop-up objects, information pop-ups, audio and video content, all to be placed over any scene as viewed through the device’s camera. AR works on image recognition and offers a taste of our time, where artistic craftsmanship and digital technology merge seamlessly on interactive mobile devices, delivering unique, multi sensory experience on-the-spot.

The Results:

  • Provided a new data capture channel for the gallery
  • Increased engagement with original paintings as well as additional video content through mobile devices
  • Increased brand awareness with downloads
  • Powerful attention to the technology created a buzz to the exhibition and book
  • Application inspired positive user feedback