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EDG3 Digital Solutions

To fulfil our promise to deliver the most innovative and captivating communications solutions, we offer a suite of services to build into your digital journey.

i-version plus

Give your printed media a digital makeover creating an engaging interactive customer experience

i-version plus

Bring printed media to life with i-version plus.

  • Transform documents into interactive on-screen digital publications– PCs, tablets, smartphones
  • Add online content to maximise a customer’s experience: external URLs, movies, animations, audio playback, even embed YouTube videos
  • Track a visitor’s digital journey with full analytics– giving you a look into how visitors found you and viewed your publication on a page by page basis. With this insight, you can identify the effectiveness of a publication as well as capture new leads and future prospects

Experience the i-version plus transformation…

It worked for these clients. It could work for you!

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Showcase your brand anywhere, at any time with your own iOS and Android App

Mobile Apps

Choose what information customers see. Choose when they want to see it – accessible anywhere at any time at their fingertips

  • Customer engagement – choose the content you wish to share from single documents to connecting to an online shop
  • Brand recognition & loyalty – the customer chose YOU. They chose your brand to be on their mobile device 24/7

Our highly-experienced App development team will create a simple yet effective App with a clear brand message whilst ensuring a smooth and interactive customer experience.

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Augmented Reality

Using the newest of digital technologies, create a dynamic virtual experience to create that WOW factor!

Augmented Reality

Empower customers with your brand with this new exciting platform.

  • Using digital information in customer’s real time and real environment, AR will bring aspects of your business to life whether it be sampling new products or creating an online virtual shopping experience
  • Track and analyse customer data to create a detailed customer profile – ideal for future targeted marketing and building customer loyalty

Take your brand experience to another level – speak to our team about your augmented reality potential.

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QR codes

Scan and instantly take your customers on a brand journey – all you need is an advert, a barcode and a smartphone

QR codes

QR codes are a communication bridge between offline and online media. Instantly open up your business world to customers with the beep of a scan…

  • Feature a QR Code on printed advertising for a customer to scan with a smartphone. Then watch the customer relationship with your brand evolve
  • Link your code to contact details, event dates and product information to special promotions even video links. You create the digital journey, you choose the message you want customers to see. EDG3 will work with you to communicate all this through a QR code
  • Traceable and trackable, we identify when, where, how a QR code was scanned allowing you to assess the success of an offline advertising campaign

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Creative & Concept

Translate your message into a captivating, exciting campaign to capture interest and inspire action

Creative & Concept

Think big. Think bold. Think innovation. This is our job. We listen to project goals and objectives, we take on board needs, requests and most importantly, your budget. Then we ask you to sit back and let us do the rest…

  • Our creative team will create a marketing concept which will be the umbrella theme to use across an overall marketing plan
  • As a part of our proposal, you will see a storyboard of your digital communication campaign. Using our services suite, we cherry pick the elements we believe will bring a business maximum return

Capture interest. Influence response. Inspire Action. This is our goal.


Create a lasting impression with interesting and engaging copy in all your offline and online media


The power of the written word is undeniable. Engaging and creative copy will attract new customers and reignite the interest of existing customers.

  • New copy: Give life to a new campaign. You provide us with the subject and we give you the words you need, in the style you need them
  • Editing & Re-writing: Existing materials may simply need tweaking. We edit and re-phrase with appealing, relevant new words in a style appropriate for your communication method or audience
  • Proofreading: Another pair of eyes is all that is needed. Checking grammar, advising on style and phrasing, we recommend amendments to any written piece to ensure a message is well communicated and your business gains maximum benefit

Offline or online copy, targeting internal or external customers, driving new business or retaining customer loyalty, we make any campaign absolutely word perfect.

Web Design

Cutting edge and expressive, we create websites everyday. Let us create your most powerful communication tool

Web Design

Make an online profile a memorable one. We custom design dynamic and responsive websites everyday…

  • Creative expertise and technical know-how balanced together builds a strong functional website
  • Perfect SEO content maximises traffic to your site
  • Its live but it’s not over. Our team will support you once your website is live. We will keep a watchful eye to make sure it is performing well and responsive – you are not alone

Don’t hesitate, a powerful informative website can transform your business.


Print is in demand and on demand. Order printed materials 24/7 at the touch of a button


Order printed collateral on demand, on time at the touch of a button.

  • A bespoke personalised Web2Print portal allows you to upload documents and send them to print easily and efficiently
  • Availability of a range of print sizes and finishes for all types of documents from business cards, flyers, brochures. You are in control

As a division of one of the 100 largest printing groups in the world, we are proud of our high quality state-of-the-art digital printing services – don’t wait, simply click to print.


Be prepared for January 2018 – implement an easy to use, cost effective tracking system to monitor your readership


NFC contactless technology brings printed material into the twenty-first century, adding versatile and interactive dimension


NFC is a method of wireless data transfer called NFC (Near field communication) that detects and then enables technology in close proximity to communicate without the need for an internet connection.

How can I use NFC in print?

NFC in print holds great potential for linking traditional items such as business cards, books and invites directly to updatable online content. Your printed materials will be embedded with an NFC chip that triggers digital actions. With one tap against an NFC enabled device, data between the two devices will be transferred to trigger and display your chosen destination.

Actions can include:

  • Website – link user directly to your website
  • Digital business card – call, message or save contact details to a device
  • Video – automatically play a video on the users device
  • Data Collection – send user directly to a simple form where they can input details/feedback
  • Social Media – connect users to your social media profile
  • Navigate – share directions to any destination
  • App store – send user to your app in the app store
  • and so much more!

Activated NFC chips are updatable at any time, for example you may decide to have your NFC chip link to an event invitation one month, and the next month change the link to the navigation of your event. The possibilities are endless!

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Video Creation

Engage with your users and tell your story through an incredibly popular form of media

Video Creation

Users will only stop and view something that catches their eye, words alone aren’t usually enough to do this. Images are a great form of content to use as they can be eye catching if used correctly, but a successful video will hold a user's attention for much longer.

Creating interesting content is incredibly important in any marketing campaign here’s why:


  • Customers – videos have the ability to convey a vast amount of information in a quick and friendly manner

  • Search engines – you are more likely to have a higher google ranking with a embedded video on your website!

  • Video builds trust – put a face and personality behind your brand and create a personal connection

  • Brand image – video content plays a key role in sharing your brand image, associate this with something positive and you will create brand affinity

Let EDG3 create you a promotional video that resonates quality, professionalism and fully enhances your organisation’s marketing content…

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